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making darling moments

making darling moments

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Print Tray Advent Calendar

Have you seen print trays, or letterpress trays in antique stores and on Etsy? They're trays that were originally used to hold the type in print shops, and are great ways to display little treasures. I picked one up this summer, and when I saw these pictures, I immediately wanted to turn it into an Advent calendar!

I painted my tray white, because I wanted the little treasures the girls would eventually put in it to stand out! 

For my "doors," I actually used the paper from a banner...these are so versatile and cheap that I buy one almost every time I'm in Target! Usually I'm using them for some event, but I had this one left over, and liked that the paper was more sturdy for the doors. And I always have washi tape on hand, too!

For treats for each day I did a mix of little toys (these tiny porcelain animals that I've been finding at antique stores since I was about ten!) and chocolate gold coins that my kids think are the best treasure of all time :). 

They love it, and I love how easily I could use it year after year! Happy countdown!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tooth Fairy Pillows

After checking out this wonderful book from the library, we've had a lot of questions about losing teeth in our house! We still have some time before the tooth fairy visits, but here are some cute pillows I found to keep the magic alive:








Monday, November 20, 2017

DIY - Fall Wreath

I sometimes have a lag in between Halloween and Christmas decorations, but this year, I'm trying to keep things festive for Thanksgiving! I had been eyeing fall wreaths in stores when I decided to try to just make one myself. It was much easier than I expected!


My girls love the fake flower aisles in craft stores, so I took them to help me pick out the materials. I found that the key to making it look full was using a wide variety of foliage: big leaves, flowers of different sizes, and little berries/grasses for dimension:

The wreath frame I found had those little fake fir pieces all around, which I didn't want for my fall wreath. So we used the frame and wove those pieces back and forth in a zigzag pattern, giving ourselves more of a base to use for the leaves:

The most important part was the leaf base. I used fake magnolia leaves and cut them off the long stems, using floral tape to secure them to the wreath frame we'd made. (Floral tape is so much easier than dealing with any kind of glue, and blends right into the stems!) I made sure to vary the direction I put them in, and tried to make it dimensional by tucking leaves in front and behind the others - not just in a flat circle on top.

Don't worry if it looks a little spotty - that's where all the flowers come in! I placed my big flowers in four or five places around the wreath first, then the smaller flowers, and then finished with the grasses/berries wherever I felt like it needed some more filling. And you guys, I really like it!

I especially like that it'll be pretty simple to change it into a winter wreath by keeping the magnolia leaves, and adding some red berries and pine cones. Our front door will be happy all year round, now!

Thursday, November 02, 2017

DIY - Window Spider Webs

Pipe cleaners are one of my secret weapons as a mom! They provide endless entertainment, and can be thrown in a diaper bag for cars or planes with absolutely no mess. And they can always be used somehow for decoration. Like the simplest spider webs ever!


I used a (definitely not-ironed) napkin as a guide to keep the 90 degree angle I needed to fit in a window:

I twisted them together in the top corner, and then started adding the curved cross-strings, looping them around the straight ones to keep everything solid:

We kept adding layers till I got to the end of the straight pieces:


I could have put it up like this, but then I remembered Charlotte's Web...anyone else? And I thought it'd be fun to add a word to the web itself:

We're going to add these all over the house now!


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mini Me Costume Ideas

While Halloween can be tons of fun, it can also be a little overwhelming for the small ones! We figured out that when our kiddos are too shy to attempt the "trick or treat" on their own, having Mom or Dad dressed up with them changes everything. Maybe they just like seeing us look silly? :) In any event, here are some fantastic ideas for costumes with your little one!

My favorites are when mom's costume doesn't require much I right? And that umbrella cloud is so magical!

I'd be completely comfortable leaving baby Nemo with this dentist and Darla ;).

I'm pretty sure Star Wars will never not be cool.

This automatically made the think of the PBS version my kids love: "Be a good little monkey!"

And this Ratatouille is my new favorite! Look at that little mouse!!

Do you ever dress up with your kids? I'd love to hear new ideas!