Lucy Darling began when Haily Meyers, a graphic designer, became pregnant with her first child. Overjoyed to welcome her daughter into the world, Haily began designing sticker sets as an expression of her happiness and excitement to create memories of her pregnancy and new babies’ milestones.

After sharing first drafts with family and friends Haily felt encouraged by their overwhelming response to open a little Etsy shop, and in 2012, offering her first 3 sticker sets, Lucy Darling officially began.

Today the brand has over 300 uniquely designed pieces to create Darling Moments and Haily’s designs are the heart of each one.

We believe that every moment is a Darling Moment, from the joyful laughter of birthdays, teary goodbyes on the first day of school, to the tenderness of bedtime snuggles; each moment is a memory to cherish for you and your family. That’s why at Lucy Darling we create beautiful, innovative products to ensure every Darling Moment can be remembered and celebrated, making sure you have everything you need to welcome your baby from the minute they enter the world and beyond.

From our family to yours, enjoy.

Haily & the Lucy Darling Family