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making darling moments

making darling moments

Little Dreamer Blanket - Flower Child


Luxuriously soft and cozy organic cotton blanket

Little Dreamer Blanket, to wrap your newborn and beyond. Lucy Darling's super soft organic cotton blanket designed with our signature prints are the perfect fit for any nursery. Love me at bedtime, at naptime, when you're snuggling at story time and on the go. Snuggly soft warmth and comfort for all your Darling Moments.

What’s included

  • 85% organic cotton.
  • Stitched with 15% recycled nylon thread.
  • 47in x 31in (120cm x 80cm)


  • Organic cotton reduces the environmental footprint
  • Organic cotton is gentle and kinder to a baby's extra sensitive skin, as the material is soft and free from chemicals.
  • Unlike normal cotton, organic cotton lasts longer, because organic cotton’s resilient fibers have not been damaged by chemicals during the growing and weaving process, which makes the quality superior. So no matter how many times you wash it, or your baby wears it, it will get softer with each wash and age beautifully.
  • Recycled nylon is usually made from pre-consumer fabric waste, although it also may come from post-consumer materials such as industrial fishing nets.