Easter Egg Inspiration

Easter is right around the corner! And while it's hard to beat the masterpieces the little ones make with the classic dye kits, here are a few ideas if you want to break the mold. If you want the best of both worlds, you could get wooden eggs from any craft store, and use one of these techniques to make lasting decorations that you can use year after year!
These faux robin's eggs are beautiful and classic.
Using temporary tattoos is easy enough for the kiddos to do, and looks super impressive!
For gold addicts, these gold-dipped eggs  should do the trick. I made these last year with wooden craft eggs and acrylic paint, and can't wait to get them out again.
These eggs take the bother out of tracing/copying/drawing...just Mod Podge paper onto the eggs and you're done.
And of course, you can't go wrong with simply dyeing them. This gorgeous rainbow is made entirely of natural dyes, if you want to do a pretty science experiment with the kids!