Smoothie Pops

Wow - I can't believe that it's this hot, and we're not (technically) to summer yet! We're breaking out the sprinkler and sunscreen, and I can already tell that this popsicle mold is going to be a huge hit for the next few months. For our first batch, I just turned our morning smoothies into popsicle treats for the hot afternoon!


You can use almost anything in your kitchen for smoothies, but my basic recipe uses ice, fresh and frozen fruit, baby spinach (great way to sneak in some veggies!), yogurt, and some kind of liquid to help it blend easily - either milk or juice. Today I used a banana, a peach, a frozen berry mix, baby spinach, vanilla yogurt, almond milk, and some cinnamon:

After blending, I poured it into the popsicle mold and froze overnight:

And they were a huge hit! I can't wait to make some more and get creative with the recipes.