How To take a Great Monthly Photo- Part 1

Since photos are such an important part of what we do at Lucy Darling, we created a simple "how to" on photography. This first post features general photography tips and tricks that can be leveraged no matter what kind of camera you use (yes, even your phone!). We will have a follow-up post in the next week that zeros in on how to photograph a precious (but often unpredictable) baby. :) Enjoy!


General photography tips to capture darling photos with every click


Lighting is Key

Take your pictures near a window so you get plenty of natural light. Make sure the light is in front of your baby, never behind.


 Time of Day

If you’re taking your photo outdoors, consider doing it in the morning or evening when the light is most flattering. Midday is when light is most intense, creating harsh lines and shadows, especially on the face.


Avoid mixed lighting

Situations where your baby is partially in the light and partially in shadow can result in a photo looking overexposed in some areas—and too dark in others. If you’re taking the picture outdoors, shade can be a good option as long as it is completely shaded (otherwise the lit areas may appear overexposed).


Crop later

Zooming in while taking a photo decreases the resolution, limiting your cropping choices later—so just snap now and worry about it later. If you want to get a closer shot, move closer!