The ABC Kids Expo Round-Up

We just got back from one of the largest kids expos in the US, The ABC Kids Expo. We had a great time selling our monthly baby stickers, nursery art prints and closet dividers, while finding the coolest new baby products on the market. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite finds. 


SPUNI: The first ever latching spoon. Due to the patented design, babies latch to the spoon and lightly suckle creating less mess when eating. Functional and we LOVE the colors.



Puj: Pronounced Pudge, creates products that simplify parenthood. The Puj tub, is an adjustable tub that fits into almost any sink. Puj Nubs Cups makes kitchen cup organizing simple and fun for kids.


Wee Gallery: Wee Gallery began with art cards for kids and has grown into so much more. Below are some of our favorite products- the Nesting Dolls and the Bowl/Cup stackers are to die for.


Tegu: This is an amazing company that has a great product and a great mission. They intentionally make their beautiful magnetic wooden blocks in Honduras, which has a 30% unemployment rate. They're creating jobs, replenishing the local forest (for every tree they use to create the wooden blocks they plant 983 more) and giving a portion of their proceeds to local schools. So inspiring.



Nested Bean: Scientifically designed, lightly-weighted baby swaddles to mimic a mother's touch. The perfect swaddle for bed-time. 



Aren't those products awesome? The craziest part is there are thousands of products represented at this show, so we barely scratched the surface. Hope you enjoyed our ABC Expo round- up! Until next time...