Simple (and pretty!) DIY Butterfly Halloween Costume

My daughter Lucy is completely obsessed with butterflies, they are her absolute favorite creature. So this year for Halloween, I decided to dress her like a butterfly, knowing full well I may never be able to remove the butterfly wings once she puts them on. 

Below is my simple step by step guide for turning ordinary butterfly wings into something extraordinary.


  1. Materials: Wings (I bought these at Joann’s Fabric, but any wings will do). Acrylic paint in your favorite colors and a paint brush

  1. With a dark color (preferably black) outline the wings to create definition


  1. Squeeze a dime size amount of acrylic paint in vertical sections on each wing



  1. Spread the color horizontally (approximately 1in thick) throughout the wing



  1. Finally, add black (or a dark color of your choice) to highlight wing markings

  1. Let dry for 30 minutes and, voilà! Magical Butterfly Wings.

 Happy Halloween! We hope your holiday is filled with darling moments.