Customer Spotlight: Addison Wolfe

For our first customer spotlight, we had the privilege of interviewing Stephanie Wolfe (, mother of 2 month old Addison. When we first saw a picture of Addison in our monthly stickers, our hearts melted for this sweet angel baby and we wanted to know more about her and her family. 

1. How many kids do you have? What are their names?

Addison is our one and only so far! She's 2 months old now :)
2.What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
I love snuggling with Addison. She's currently in the NICU and, although she has lots of wires, the nurses make sure we get in all the snuggle time that we want. I just love having her on my lap and talking to her and spending that time with her. 
3.What has been the most surprising thing about being a mom?
The most surprising thing has been how instincts just set in. Addison has a breathing tube, which doesn't allow her to make sounds, so I rely on facial expressions to tell if she's happy, sad, or angry. Although she can't speak or cry aloud, I've been able to pick up on so many of her likes and dislikes! 
4. What makes Addison Smile?
Addie LOVES bath time. She could be SO upset and crying for a while, and the second you strip her down and put water on her, she calms down and just is happy as a clam. 
5.How did you find Lucy Darling?
I heard about the shop from a friend who had bought some monthly stickers. I'd been looking for some, too, and wanted really unique ones. Once I saw hers, I knew I needed some too. 
6.What is/are your favorite Lucy Darling products?
We have the Little Artist monthly stickers and My First Holiday stickers. I LOVE the holiday stickers so much because of the cute pictures and colors. Plus, they're matte so they photograph really well.
7.What is your favorite quote or phrase?
"The best things have come out of the roughest times."
My husband tells me this all the time and it's so true. Our family isn't perfect, and we certainly have our trials since Addie is in the hospital, but we have been blessed immensely after some rough times. The rough times make you really make you appreciate the good times! 
Today (November 6) little Addison will have a tracheotomy procedure to help with her breathing. Please keep her in your prayers! Stephanie and family hope to bring Addison home by Thanksgiving.