DIY: Washi Tape Holiday Card Tree

Today we have a fun (and simple!) DIY project to organize all the wonderful holiday cards you receive from friends and family. I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and felt like I wanted to share it with all of you.

XO, Enjoy! 



1. Materials: Washi Tape (any color), garland (any color), tinsel (any color), thumb tacks (any color), clothes pins (white) and 1 large gift wrap bow (any color).


2.Decide on the number of "branches".

   -Ensure each branch gets bigger down the tree.

   -Alternate between twine and garland.

3.Find the center spot on your wall.

-Place the bow and first tree branch there. 

4.Add the garland or twine to each washi tape branch.

-Clothes pin one card to each branch to measure spacing vertically between the branches. 

5. Create a tree base out of washi tape.

    -Make sure it's centered and tapered. 

6. Add your cards and enjoy!