Baby Memory Books- Behind the Scenes!

We could not be more excited about our most recent product- Baby Memory Books! I've had the idea to create "A Simple Book of Firsts" for a long time, as our daughter is 3 years old and to be completely honest, her baby book is only half full. As a mom, life is busy, and I simply didn't have the time to spend hours putting her baby book together. This idea has been on my mind for years and I am so happy I finally get to share with all of you! 

I loved the process of creating these books. I started by looking at our top selling designs and landed on creative that I thought would translate beautifully in a book format, animals and flowers. Once I knew the creative themes, I dove into the the individual pages and content. This was so fun. I researched baby books, took polls from my mommy friends, dreamt up pages I would love to see in a baby book and viola! A Simple Book of Firsts was created. 


I hope this book becomes a treasured keepsake that will always remind you of baby's most darling moments.