Meet Mawiyah from Babylist!

We absolutely LOVE Babylist and as you might have seen, we've recently been picked as one of 9 small companies to be featured in their Shop Small initiative. So exciting!  

Babylist is awesome for many reasons. One is because moms can register for anything from any store and it's all compiled in one easy place! Plus the site is fun to browse as it's filled with amazing products. Another reason we love Babylist? The people. Today we have the privilege of introducing you to the beautiful Mawiyah. She is the Shop Small initiative lead, as well as our main point of contact for all things marketing. We seriously adore working with her and are ecstatic to introduce you to her- she's a real gem. 

1. What is your name and job at Babylist?
Mawiyah Johnson, Marketing Coordinator
2.Do you have any kids?
Yes! I have a 12 year old son (time flies, he's already a tween!!) and a 9 year old daughter (she's my mini-me!)
3.Can you tell our readers what BabyList is? How does it work?
BabyList is a universal baby registry. BabyList lets you put anything onto your baby registry from ANY store. You can even include things like help and favors from friends and family, like a home-cooked meal or baby sitting for an older child. It's a great way to rally your village around you.
4.What is your favorite part about working at BabyList?
No two days are ever the same! One day I'm on a conference call with Shakira (AKA "Hips Don't Lie") brainstorming ways to help her spread the word about her World Baby Shower charity and the next day I'm helping a 1st time pregnant mom in Kansas City add items to her BabyList. 
I work with 7 of the coolest people on the planet. Each one of us is totally different and we bring different strengths to the table. We're an eclectic mix of tech savvy developers, artists, visionaries, and cheerleaders. I've never worked for a more transparent company. Everyday at 5 p.m. we get an email telling us how many new registries were created that day and we all do a virtual "happy dance" because we're growing so fast!
Our CEO, Natalie is unlike any other I've ever worked for. She's honest, open and adventurous. I've learned more about running a business in the 6 months I've been here - than my 4 years getting my BA. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and in this case - it's true. Natalie started BabyList 4 years ago when she was pregnant with her first son, Max. She wanted a better baby registry and when she couldn't find one - she built it! How boss is that?! 
I get to come to work each day (in jeans!) and dream up cool new ways to help pregnant moms make the best baby registry ever. Trying new things is highly encouraged and making mistakes is viewed as an opportunity to learn. It's very rewarding.
5.Can you tell us about the Shop Small initiative? What was the inspiration?
Big box retailers are great for registering for things like car seats and strollers, but one of the best things about BabyList is the fact that you can add things from independent shops too. Small Shops are the heartbeat of our communities. When you shop small, you're getting a product made with so much love.
Small shops don't have the big marketing budget of large stores, so it's often challenging to build an audience. We wanted to provide a platform to showcase some of the best small brands to a broader audience.   
 6.Why did you pick Lucy Darling to be one of the featured brands?
Lucy Darling embodies everything we love about Small Shops. It may sound corny but it's still a powerful sentiment: "Be the change you want to see in the world" Lucy Darling started for many of the same reasons BabyList began. Haily Meyers used her talents as a graphic designer, and was inspired to make something beautiful to celebrate her excitement over being a new mom.
Lucy Darling designs are whimsical, modern and bold. Perfect for inspiring the minds of our little ones (and ourselves!) It was a no-brainer to include Lucy Darling as a featured brand.
7.What is your favorite Lucy Darling product?
That's tricky! I love so many Lucy Darling products. I decided a while back that I was finished having babies, but the monthly baby stickers and the brand new Baby's First Year Memory Book is giving me serious baby fever! Those are my absolute faves.