Chasing Rainbows

Anna took her little Mollie to the Smithsonian Art Museum. Read all about the fun they had!


I know that art museums generally don't seem like a great place to bring kiddos (does anyone else immediately picture little hands reaching for paintings, and a whole swarm of security guards yelling "No touching!"? No? Just me?). But art doesn't have to be stuffy! The Smithsonian American Art Museum is currently housing a WONDER exhibit, and a few pictures online were enough to convince me that Mollie would be intrigued. I hyped it for a few days, telling her that we were going to see rainbows, and she got very excited. Even more excited when we walked in and saw this:

It was amazing! The "rainbow" is made entirely of threads that blend into each other so perfectly that it stays mesmerizing even when you're inches away. 

For Mollie, it was enough to practice colors and talk about how rainbows come with light and rain, but it was really cool to see classes and homeschool families using it as a teaching tool for all ages.

(Wouldn't it be great to do a tiny version of this in a window? It might be a good winter project, when we could use some extra color in our days!)

Oh, and she still had to be reminded not to touch several times ;). But I realized that wasn't enough reason to stay away altogether, especially after her proving that art doesn't have age limits. Now I'm on the lookout for more exhibits to explore together!