My girls have this adorable print hanging in their room, and Mollie likes to point out "ABC's"  wherever we go. I recently picked up some alphabet magnets in the dollar aisle at Target, and while she liked playing with them, they seemed a bit confusing to her. Having four different colors (and five or six letters in the same color) made it harder for her to tell the letters apart, since at this age colors are the easiest difference to grasp. So I thought having them all the same color might actually make it easier to learn the letter shapes, instead of focusing on "A equals red." 


[Side note: I'm obviously not a certified teacher - just a mom trying to figure it out as I go along!]


I spray-painted them outside one day during nap time, and after giving them plenty of time to dry, surprised her with the shiny new version.


I also bought a second set so that I could spell out simple words, and she could try to copy them...eventually. :)


She's so much happier hanging out in the kitchen with me now - cooking dinner equals quiz time!