Coat Check

As the temperatures drop, our house has started to be overrun by jackets, vests, and boots! And since many of them are duplicates (oh, the joys of having two girls :), I've been looking for ways to keep them organized and tell what belongs to whom. When I was in the craft store the other day, I found these cheap wooden letters, and threw them in my cart without thinking twice.

They're totally not my style as is, but something about them reminded of this fun kind of pottery that I love. So I used pictures of their mugs and bowls to get a color palette, and went at them with my markers. Then I just used double-sided tape to hang them up under each of the girls' hooks (the wood is so light that the tape is totally sufficient). The result is so cheery!

While I still have to stay on top of the shoe tsunami, it's nice that the kids can help out a little bit - and we're not getting jackets mixed up on the way out the door anymore!