Fall Windows

It seems like my littles come back from every walk, errand, or even trip to get the mail with armloads of fall treasures: sticks, acorns, and lots and lots of leaves. After being forced to admire how beautiful each leaf is, I decided to come up with some ways that they could hold onto their favorites for a little longer!


(Apologies in advance for some blurry pictures - it's inevitable when toddlers are running the craft show :)


First, we picked out the favorite leaves in varying sizes, and laid them out in lines:

Then I made two small holes (just using the end of a pair of scissors) spanning the widest part of each leaf. Using clear fishing line, we threaded the leaf - making sure the side with the exposed fishing line was the back. 

Then we spaced out the leaves along the fishing line, and used tape on the backs to secure them at intervals:

Then we hung the finished product up in our most visible windows. I love how colorful and festive it looks! 

This project couldn't have been simpler, but I'll definitely be doing it every year from now on!