Handprint Leaf Tree

The leaves are starting to change colors here, and we're all so excited! I love how different our yard and street look as the seasons change, and the girls are just as happy to be collecting or crunching the fallen leaves. When they were in the mood for an art project the other day, I decided to recreate the scenery for us to bring indoors!


First, I used a long roll of paper to sketch out the trunk and branches of a tree. Don't worry about making it look finished - the leaves will end up covering the ends:

Then I picked red, yellow, green, and brown washable paint, and painted the girls' hands one color at a time:

At first I was cleaning their hands off in between colors, but then we realized we liked how it looked when the colors mixed a bit!

We hung up the finished tree on their art room door, and they've been trying to get me to make more for the other doors ever since! We might end up with a whole forest upstairs. :)