Patriotic Pallet Flag

How is it almost July? While I can't believe the year is going so quickly, I appreciate that July gives us a holiday right off the bat - I kind of wish every month started that way! Luckily, here's a project that can keep you feeling festive for months.

While there are lots of styles of American flags made from wooden pallets, I wanted one that looked a little...less like a pallet. :) First, we cut the bottom off of a square pallet to make it rectangular like a flag. Then we pulled all of the horizontal boards off both pieces, and nailed them back on with just little spaces between them instead, to make it look more uniform. Then we used one more of the horizontal boards we had pulled off to "finish" the top, and give us a ledge to hang it up.

(This is the back side, so you can see the frame of it more clearly.)

(You could add a board at the bottom as well, but I found that it still hung straight with just the one at the top!)

Then the fun part: paint! You could get creative here and use different styles, but I went old-school and traditional (though I clearly didn't do all 50 stars :).  I love that this flag can stay up in all different weather, and makes our porch a little more festive!