Walk It Out

I don't know about you, but Kate Middleton is one of my ultimate mom inspirations - she's even rocking a hat like the best of us!  
Before kids, I liked to keep my workouts varied. That time was my time to decompress from a day at the office, and it was fun to switch between running, pilates, circuit training...well, as fun as working out can be :). But now it seems like that window of time has disappeared completely into the dinner/bath/bedtime blur.
So far, my solution has been to embrace walking. The fresh air makes everyone happy, sometimes I can time it with a baby nap, and it helps me get moving in the middle of the day and gives me a little endorphin bump. 
One thing that I've noticed recently is that listening to podcasts make this time feel extra productive! Of course, sometimes my toddler wants to talk the entire time. But if she's dozing, then popping an earbud in to listen to something that makes me feel like an informed adult makes a huge difference. Here are some that I've been enjoying lately:
Do you have any favorites? Help me pass the miles!