DIY - Personalized Peg Dolls

Hi guys! Anna here - you may remember from my dollhouse post that I had a little family of peg dolls inhabiting it. Well, since I wrote that post we've welcomed our second daughter to our family! Mollie's been wondering why there isn't a baby Livia in the dollhouse to match, so I thought this would be a good time to show you how easy it is to make your own personalized peg dolls.



I picked up these simple supplies at Michael's: Mod Podge, cheap (small) paintbrushes, the smallest size of acrylic paints, and wooden pegs of various sizes. You could also just use permanent markers!



I found that sketching out the body helped a lot with the more involved outfits, though obviously wasn't necessary for the baby's swaddle (I kept her simple since the peg was so tiny). You want to paint the dolls from the inside out - layer by layer, and adding details as you go. Above is the "base layer" for the baby, and below is the final layer, with other colors and details like the hair bow on top:



After your paint completely dries, paint a thin coat or two of Mod Podge on the whole surface. This gives the doll a shinier finish, and will help prevent the paint from chipping matter how much love it gets from your toddler :). 



Here's our whole family! Mollie has loved acting out scenes with the peg doll versions of us - now I'm just hoping she doesn't ask me to figure out how to make one of our dog!