All Aboard - Washington, DC!

We had family visiting this weekend and decided to visit the Capitol...with a little reading material, of course!
The dome has actually been undergoing serious renovations for awhile now, but the scaffolding is starting to come down and it looks all shiny and new underneath. 
Yes, Mollie is carrying around a contraband tulip in that picture above...but in her defense, there were a lot of them:
This star inside the Capitol marks the point from which all the DC streets are laid out and numbered. And since our streets are a mix of ABC's, 123's, NE, NW, SE, SW, and state names thrown in there diagonally, that means Mollie's standing in the only place in DC that makes any sense. :)
I always zig-zag around the Capitol because I'm too busy looking at the amazing ceilings! This one is above the old House floor, but even the ceilings in small offices have amazing detail.
Here's the view from one of the balconies! Mollie always gets excited when she finds the Washington Monument in her All Aboard book, and in real life. See it out there?
And just like in the book, we caught the end of cherry blossom season before the rain blew the last of them away. There's really nothing like it!