Blog Takeover: Amy; creator of June & January!

Hi, I’m Amy Richardson-Golia, the owner of June & January, a clothing brand for kids. The Lucy Darling team asked me to take over their blog for their day — and I’m using this is an opportunity to talk about how freaking excited I am to move to UTAH.

We just bought our house in Provo, and now we’re officially counting down the weeks (days) until we haul our crew out West. My husband and I have lived in Brooklyn for 10 years, and while it’s been really great and given us a lot of great memories, the time has come to trade in the frenetic and crowded city for some wide open spaces.

My mind was made up on Utah a solid 2.5 years ago (pretty much my first visit) — it’s a stunning place and over the years I have made an amazing network of friends, business owners and bloggers who also call Utah home, so it didn’t feel like such a far fetched idea. It took me years to convince my hubs that the move would be a positive change of life for not just J&J but also our entire family (my mom is moving with us, too)!

 A cross country move with two little kids is pretty intense; there’s been an endless parade of stuff out of our house to the thrift store, or to donation bins, or into the hands of friends who are expecting babies.

Running a business as a mom is always hectic, but sprinkling a 2,000-mile relocation on top of it doesn’t leave me with much downtime. On top of it all, our nanny moved out of NYC at the end of March so I’ve been working, prepping for a move and staying home with our 16 month old full time — the thing that keeps me ticking is knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have said so many times that all I wanted out of life was a kitchen bigger than the sardine can we have now, so I can stand at the counter with my son and daughter and bake a pie. And every day is closer to that.

Plus, it’s so much fun to be coming into a new environment with other small businesses. Provo has so much going on right now, and being a part of that is going to be such a cool ride. I’m working out of the house for now, since we moved my office out of the Brooklyn studio I’d had for three years and into a storage space. But when we moved out I really got to thinking about how awesome it was to be one of the first tenants in my building, and now as we’re moving out seeing the food businesses, the other clothing makers, and the artists that dot all the hallways that were so empty when I moved in and wondered if it was all going to work out.

Well, it certainly did work out, and it took me to a level I couldn’t imagine. Now, I can’t wait to see what’s next.