Shark Week Inspiration

Shark Week is FINALLY here and we thought what better way to celebrate than to feature our “I love Sharks!” print and talk about the inspiration behind the art.


Before I ever put pen to paper, I spend hours researching and designing art pieces in my head. I thought about the shark nursery print for days and days before I began drawing. I read though many books, looked up images online, watched TV shows and truly got myself inspired to draw.

 I spent a lot of time deciding which 6 sharks I wanted to feature. This was probably the most time consuming part of the whole process, as there are over 400 different species of shark around the world. I decided on the Hammerhead shark, Thresher shark, Whale shark, Great White shark, Blue shark, and Reef shark because I was drawn to their shapes and colors, and was fascinated by their teeth variety and unique markings.


From there it was pretty simple. The actual drawing/painting only took me a day, due to the days of preparation prior.


The most fun part of this whole project was being reminded that sharks are amazing and beautiful creatures.


Enjoy Shark Week- it only happens once a year!