Nursery Closet Dividers!

We have been SO excited about these nursery closet dividers as they have been 8 months in the making! We had the idea for these back in December of 2013 when a few of us realized we had baby clothes in the back of our closest that we had forgotten about. Of course by the time we discovered the outfits, our little ones had already grown out of them. We thought there has to be an easier way to organize our nursery closet! From there, one thing lead to another and here we are launching Lucy Darling Closet Dividers. Want to hear something really cool? These Closet Dividers won "Best in Show", best new baby product at NY Now, one of the largest home/gift trade shows in the the US! We couldn't be more honored.


We currently have 4 designs, all reminiscent of some of our most popular sticker designs. The 4 designs are pictured below, Little Lady, Little Gentleman, Little Animal Lover and Little Artist.


We hope you will love the style and function of these dividers and that they will help create darling moments for you and your family.