Winter Beanie Round-Up

My little Lucy LOVES hats. She would wear a hat every single minute of every single day if she could. Inspired by Lucy, I put together a Winter Beanie Round-up for your little ones. Enjoy!

1. H&M Cable Knit Beret: This cute hat will keep you sweet little girl warm (and stylish!) throughout the winter.

2. Zara Knitted Pom-Pom Hat: Nothing says winter like a thick pom hat on cold days. 

3.Haiti Babi Handmade Beanie: Haiti Babi is an AMAZING non-profit that trains Haitian moms to knit and crochet, empowering them to earn a sustainable living wage, provide for their children, and keep their families together. You should check out their products and learn more about their story.

4.Zara Billed Knit Hat: Love the color, function and style of this gem. 

5.Old Navy Heart Beanie: No words needed for this one.