Inspiration Behind Our Newest Sticker Designs

We launched 3 new sticker designs about a month ago and realized we never gave you an inside look into our design inspiration. So we thought, better late than never! Take a look at our newest monthly and milestone sticker designs. 


1. Little Jewel: Gold is a trend that is not going away, so we went ahead and created a second gold sticker to give our customers options. We chose to include rich colored backgrounds to enhance the gold foil on the stickers. 




2.Little Sophisticate: Nothing says sophistication like Black and White. We wanted a trendy black and white sticker that is clean and simple, matching any outfit baby wears. This sticker set fits the bill!



3.Let's Celebrate!: We know there are so many milestones that happen within the first few years of a child's life and we didn't want to limit those darling moments. That's why we created generic milestone stickers so mom can choose exactly what she wants to celebrate without feeling limited. 


We will continue to have new sticker designs and new products coming out in the next few months, so be on the look out! We're pretty excited about what's ahead.