Blooming Mobiles

Mobiles are one of the best parts of nursery decor, in my opinion. I mean, if it was socially acceptable, I'd probably find a reason to have one in every room of my house ;). There are countless styles and options, but one of my favorites has always been flower wreaths for above a little girl's crib.



The best part about them is that they'd be super easy to make yourself! You'd just need these supplies (all easily found at your local craft store):

-Foam wreath (or wire, or branch - just depends on what style you like best. I like foam because I can stick the flower stems right in without any glue or wires!)

-Silk flowers in varying sizes. Make sure to get large and small, since the variety is what will make it look more realistic.

-Several yards of ribbon


The technique will vary depending on what style you want, but in general, you'll first want to attach your ribbons. Space out three or four lengths evenly around the wreath frame, and tie each length around the frame, with the knot on top (you'll be covering it in flowers, so don't worry too much about how it looks now!). You can also add small dots of glue under the ribbon on the frame to keep it from budging, if you want. Once dry and secure, just begin with your biggest blooms, and space them out along the wreath frame. Either weave them into the branches or wire, or stick them into the foam at an angle. Then fill in with the smaller flowers. I also like to use the leaves to give it some more dimension...they usually have enough of a stem to insert like the flowers, but it not, a little craft glue should do the trick. Tie all the ribbons together at the top, and hang from a ceiling hook. Keep some extra flowers in reserve in case you spot any holes once it's hanging! ;)



Like I said, there are many variations you can do with this model - I especially love the one with floating flowers below (which you could do by attaching the flowers with different lengths of fishing line to the frame):



This simple wreath would be so cute in a more rustic nursery:


You could also use this (hanging like a mobile or on a wall) for some Valentine's Day decor! I told you I'd find a way to use them in other rooms of my house ;). 


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